Lee Family Christmas


Lee Family Christmas Greeting

It was the day that Trev was heading for his new job in CA. Wes and Dexter had left for a 6-week tech school in CA a few weeks prior. “You’re free, Mom.” Trev said smiling. It was bittersweet. “I wondered if this day would every come.” I said. “Not because you guys were bad, just that parenting is such hard work.” And I realize too that in this life I’ll always be a parent but my role has shifted. Dave and I did all we could to give them wings to soar, God filled in the gaps of our parenting, and alas they are doing the soaring thing. We are so proud of each of them.

Empty nest status has given me (Shelley) more time for writing. One project this past year was my own devotional book with Barbour Publishing. I’m excited! I’m also still working full-time at BG Christian in fundraising. Best parts of this year were a family trip to Yosemite to see Trevor, and destination wedding trips to Florida and Las Vegas (see more on FB & Instagram). Dave has entered his 28th year coaching wrestling at Elmwood. He retires from 30 years of teaching this spring and plans to work full-time with Mitch on the Lee Lawncare LLC. They’ve grown it considerably. Little fact about Dave (since he won’t tell you this) – he is currently the winningest coach in the state of Ohio for dual meets. : ) He plans to continue coaching, take wrestling one year at a time and enjoy being able to chose more of his schedule during retirement.

It’s no longer our job to give you the boys’ news here, so I’ve asked permission to share brief news and a bit of contact info if you’d like to catch up with them personally.

Wes and Dex finished at Airstreams tech school December 5th. Wes begins as a tower tech in late December and will be based near home. Dexter begins a travel wind turbine tech with training in Chicago in January. They love the climbing aspect of this work. I love the OSHA regs that keep them in safety gear.

Mitchell and Elizabeth are expecting a little girl on February 14th! Wow! We are all very excited!!

Uncle Trev’s new job doing social media for Tenaya Lodge near Yosemite is going well, he is enjoying being back out there (he was home for the summer). We will enjoy visiting him again and whatever crazy adventure he brings us on! In the spring he lead us on a 12 mile hike where I thought he was trying to kill me. It sounded like I was near the end to the boys when two miles of hiking was in 10 inches of snow in my running shoes (see my blog if you want the rest of this story).

We can’t wait to have the boys home for Christmas and enjoy time together. Personally I’m working at slowing down so that I can marvel more in the beauty that reveals itself every day around me. I sure need that in the face of life’s tough challenges that mingle right into the blessings. I hope and I pray that in this season and the year to come that you have the pleasure of seeing God’s nearness to us all.

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Author of three books and many published contributions, Shelley's column 5 Men and a Mom appears in Boomer's Magazine. She resides with her husband, Dave, in northwest Ohio - the launching pad of their travel adventures.

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