My First Solo Book by a Publisher!


It’s my first solo book by a publisher, oh my gosh! When Jesus Speaks to a Mother’s Heart was released on March 1st by Barbour Publishing. Never mind that you have to lift the cover to find my name. : ) I have to take what I can get as an unknown author! It’s a 200 page devotional journal and so far I’m only finding it available online. Best deal is Barnes & Noble for $10.49, OR if you live near me you can buy it from me for $10 (no shipping :).  Books-a-Million wants me to do a book signing on April 25th in Perrysburg from 11am-2pm if they can get books in (they currently only offer it online also). What if only two people come? I will drink a lot of Joe Muggs coffee and buy a lot of other books! : )

Just in case you are one of those two people who want to come, I’ll verify whether or not they’re having the book signing for sure, here. Thanks for all the encouragement y’all give me to keep writing. I am grateful for much. Grateful for you!



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