The Bigger Picture | 52 Weeks of Seeing More | Week 25

A few weeks ago my husband and I were watching the two grandkids at our house for a few hours. Five-month old Abram cried miserably most of the visit. He seemed to simply miss his parents that day. Juggling sippy cups, toys, and tears reminded me of the rigors of parenting young children. But this day brought a metaphor that I hadn’t thought of quite the same way before.

Abram was with people who loved him beyond his comprehension, people who are caring for him and will do whatever it takes to protect him. But since all he could feel was the absence of Mommy and Daddy and maybe a tummy ache, he was pretty much inconsolable. He’s just a little guy, not yet capable of seeing a bigger picture.

Made me think of how many times I have been out of sorts in adversity. I get very upset when things are going badly. I can’t comprehend or even begin to see the big picture. I am with Someone who loves me beyond comprehension and is taking care of me, protecting me. But I’m so small and limited, I can’t see my way past where I am.

That is until I hear Him. “Do you trust me?”

Oh, it’s You again.

Adversity is there to teach me, to encourage me in the direction I should learn, grow, and go in this life journey. It may come in hardship, loss, heartbreak, depression or physical challenges, to name a few. I get to choose what to do with it. Sometimes ignoring it in denial feels good, but it keeps coming back up. Sometimes expecting others to take care of me sounds good until I realize that co-dependency doesn’t let me grow. I’ve tried anger, isolation, and manipulation to no avail. The only way I end up learning and growing is to face the adversity honestly and then do what I may not want to admit I need to do. Suddenly my view becomes a bit broader and clearer.

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