Sacred | 52 Weeks of Seeing More | Week 26


Sacred Saturday. I love you when I get to sleep in, lazily get my coffee, and enjoy a space of time to myself with no particular schedule.

All week long I’ve been running from one thing to the next. Between work, family, friends, volunteering, regular exercise, and keeping up with the house, it can to feeling like it’s hard to breathe.

Until a sacred Saturday arrives. It’s sacred because giving this Godmade being time to breathe always brings me in focus with Him.

This week sacred Saturday started on Friday night while I was waiting for my husband to get home. With a couple hours and nothing pressing to get done I decided after some quiet reflection to dig in to my creating closet. It’s full of fabric and paint and stuff I rarely use anymore. Unopened acrylic paints called out. I’d bought them last year, inspired by a Wine & Paint night with my friend Karen. Popping open the paints, I squirt bright color on my plastic painter’s palette, price tag still adhered. Broad strokes of bold yellow and brilliant blue. Half an hour later I had a bright impressionist work metaphoric of many things for me. I loved it. The evening brought a fun time of music and dancing with my husband and friends, new and old. My burdens seemed lighter, my spirit lifted.

Saturday brought space to breathe deeply, think soundly, pray peacefully, and again, create. But as I recalled the week I realized that there were many sacred spaces. One while reflecting during a drive, another along a run by the river, one when I held my hand to my very pregnant co-worker’s belly, when my grandson’s face lit up with a smile for me, and another while exercising a horse at an animal therapy farm where I volunteer.

I find myself encouraged to see that the sacred is all around me and can be experienced anytime. It’s always has been, but I haven’t always had the eyes to see. And it’s nice that I don’t have to wait for Saturday, but I still hope I get to sleep in!

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