Letting Go | 52 Weeks of Seeing More | Week 27

What I see from mid-way through my 52-Week project of Seeing More:

Warning! This is clunky processing right here…A lot of personal growth has come from my intentionality to see more. While I realize I can’t necessarily plan out personal growth, I get it that being open to it is advantageous. I don’t invite trials and humbling experiences but they always seem to serve as a catalyst, making way for something new and beautiful (The metaphor of birth fits well here).

New growth (new life) changes how I see things. Sometimes, how I see everything. Relationships are where I find the most challenge and therefore, the most growth. But it’s hard and requires a lot of transparency if I’m going to do this for real (as opposed to for fake). I love this quote I recently found:

“ ‘The proper habitat for truth is human relationships’ (Josef Pieper). Ideas by themselves are never fully ‘true’, which is Platonism and not incarnate Christianity. At that level we are just arguing about words, and this keeps us from love.” -Richard Rohr, Eager to Love, Ch. 12.

So I’m growing, but I also have to accept where I am on the journey, and where others are. I may have moved into a new place of growth, but that doesn’t mean everyone else has or that I’m quite where I want to be. This becomes my testing ground. Can I love the people in my life no matter where we each find ourselves or how we choose to live?

“I’m learning to let more and more go.” I told a good friend.

“It’s a life long process.” She said.


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Author of three books and many published contributions, Shelley's column 5 Men and a Mom appears in Boomer's Magazine. She resides with her husband, Dave, in northwest Ohio - the launching pad of their travel adventures.

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