Crapton Love | 52 Weeks of Seeing More | Week 29


My son Mitch with his laughing son Abram.

Nothing has expanded my heart and then filled it to overflowing, like parenthood. The miracle of life, growth, and the depth of indescribable love – words fall short. Not that I haven’t tried. With my eldest there was a stretch of time when I signed my email and cards to him with “Crapton Love, Mom.” He smiled in recognition of the fierce love he’s seen from his Mama Bear during some of his darkest days.

You know what I’m saying if you’re a parent, and I hope you have experienced this from a parent. Parenthood can be a powerful metaphor of how greatly God loves us – His children. Yet, as I write this I’m sensitive to those dear to me who long to be parents and aren’t there yet, and those who long for the love of a parent that may not come in this life. I hope these words are encouraging no matter where we find ourselves.

Every time I think on…

How gale-force strong my love is for my children.

How great my agony was when I lost a child.

How monsterously beautiful my joy is when my children find a place of peace and achievement (jobs, marriage, school decisions and more).

I get a glimpse of how God feels about me.

Want to knock it up a notch? Enter grandchildren. Be witness your child experiencing the vulnerability and beauty of parenthood themselves and well, this can flood your heart in a way you never dreamed possible.

Just glimpses of the Father’s love for us.


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