Plain Sight | 52 Weeks of Seeing More | Week 30

I planned to spend about half an hour doing some touch up painting in my kitchen and laundry room this week. That was until I found marked up and unpainted patches around the French door trim from when we had replaced the door three years ago. There was also an outline of a shelf that was taken down around the same time. It was all clearly much more than a few brush strokes to touch up. The crazy thing is – I’ve walked by this multiple times everyday. For three years. How did I not notice?

It got me thinking about the Johari Window, a self evaluation tool my friend introduced me to several years ago. It’s a square divided into quadrants, designed to help you think through things known and unknown to you and to others and where these intersect (see below). The idea is to become more self aware and see more each time you look at it.

(Wikipedia image)

It’s been awhile since I did this and it was encouraging to run through it again. I see a lot of things that I didn’t see just a year ago. I’m realizing the places where I could be more genuine (less in the Façade space). It’s humbling to realize I have blind spots. But, I wouldn’t truly know that unless I became aware of some of them which means they are no longer blind spots.

It feels good, even if it hurts sometimes.

Cheers to seeing!

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