Wonder Woman | 52 Weeks of Seeing More | Week 31

Fellow Wonder Woman fans I met on my way to see the movie. They did warn their children about the social media posts! 😉

If you haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet: SPOILER ALERT!

“Are you going to tell her the truth?” they asked Wonder Woman’s mother, the Queen of the Amazons. “No.”

What her mother knew was that Diana (Wonder Woman) knew just enough to find her way. The enemy would find Diana faster if she knew too much and she wasn’t quite ready to know how much power she had. She’d gotten glimpses of it in training and so had the warriors she trained with. As the only child on the island, Diana was not only trained, but adored by the entire village of women who raised her. To say she was cherished is an understatement.

Yet when the time came, she knew she had to leave what was comfortable and familiar, never to return. Her mission was her own but not entirely by her own power and not for her own benefit. One of my favorite parts of the story: While Diana didn’t think she needed a guide where she was going, it became apparent that she did. Her beautiful cape and legs were turning too many heads, for starters. The scene where Captain Trevor and his assistant bring Diana to a clothing store to find appropriate attire to conceal her warrior wear is both entertaining and thought provoking.

Finally wearing something suitable for both her and society, they still won’t let her wander the streets carrying her sword and shield. After a few plot twists, the truth Diana’s mother hadn’t told her is revealed. Her father is Zeus, the supreme Deity. No wonder she’s is Wonder Woman!

I loved watching Diana do some damage against evil, learning curve and all. One of my favorite realizations of hers is one that brought serious disillusionment for her: evil can’t be abolished with one act. Each person contains both good and evil, it is what we choose that makes the difference.

Like Diana, we too are given far more power than we realize. We too are made by God Himself. We’re children of the Most Powerful One True God, made in His image – to be God-like while at the same time human.

Cherished, empowered, invited to train. Glimpes of something more.

Leaving what is comfortable, never to return.

A personal unique mission, while still needing guidance to be effective.

Containing both good and evil and given choices every day what we will do with what we have.

Wow, do you think I loved this movie?!

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