Process | 52 Weeks of Seeing More | Week 32

I volunteer at a horse therapy barn and there was this girl at horse camp where I was a counselor. Nothing was ever good enough for her. She didn’t have the horse she wanted. She would rather be sleeping than at camp. When we tie died shirts she asked if she could do another one before they were even processed. She was sure hers wasn’t going to turn out the way she wanted. I explained that the shirts needed to sit overnight with the color in them. If we interrupted the process we wouldn’t get all the color and design that we put into it. It would be muted and not at all reflecting the plan we had for it.

Thinking about the tie die process: it’s exciting at the outset – a fresh white t-shirt and creative ideas. Space and materials to get the job done, along with buckets of bright color to work with to achieve the goal. But then, your glove gets a leak, your hands get stained and some green color permanently marks your jeans. Still, you hold on to the hope that the end result will be great. You put the dripping wet creation into a plastic bag. It’s pretty icky and has to sit in its mess all night. Cold, wet, and uncomfortable, waiting for morning to get rinsed out. Then, the shirt hangs on the line to dry and longs for sunshine. Then, it rains.

A great parallel for many of my life processes. Sometimes things just need to sit in process and work out in the end.

The camper girl’s shirt turned out great by the way. She ended up telling me in detail how she liked the way the colors and design turned out.

Cheers to the process!

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